Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

In an interview published on Monday, anti-Trump actor Seth Rogen said he is actively working to create fewer projects that star white people, responding to a question concerning the apparent lack of racial diversity in Hollywood.

“One of the biggest conversations of the last couple years, at least in Hollywood, has been around inclusion riders and the general efforts to bring more diversity to the movies we see, both behind and in front of the camera,” Entertainment Weekly said to Rogen. “As a famous white guy in the industry, what do you feel like your role in that can be?”

His response pandered to the crowd he was looking to please…

“I mean, personally, I think I am just actively trying to make less things starring white people,” Rogen answered. “And if I’m succeeding or I’m not, I’m very much looking to have a far more diverse group of writers and directors and actors that we generally work with, because that group is not incredibly diverse, you know?”

“So that’s how I’ve been trying to deal with it, is just to actively take as they would say, anti-racist measures to assure that some work is [being] done to acknowledge that Black people are very marginalized in American society,” he added.

As with most people in Hollywood, Rogen seems prepared to say anything to save what was once a fantastic career As “An American Pickle” is released.

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