Congress has received more than 2,700 verified messages to “bring essential emergency manufacturing back to the USA”. The Rally Congress was organized by America First Projects and 1,300 messages were delivered to members of Congress just on Wednesday.

Rally Congress allows people to quickly contact their Congressman and Senators by email, phone, and social media. It doesn’t cost anything to use and most people get some kind of response back, even if it’s just a form letter.

America First Projects says that the campaign to bring essential emergency manufacturing back to the USA is just one part of their campaign to “Make America Independent Again”. The group is rumored to be scaling up for the 2020 election and announced Wednesday the hiring of an Army Veteran of the Iraq War as their new Director of Marketing.

“We’ve finally got a President who puts the American people first,” America First Projects founder Jennifer Lawrence said. “A lot of bad people are desperate to remove President Trump from office and block his agenda. They are going to fight like hell to take him down in the election. We expect President Trump and the America First agenda to win but we’re not going to take anything for granted.”

Lawrence also was featured in a video for the MAGA MAYDAY “Rolling Rally for Freedom” being planned by Women for America First.


All over the country on Friday we are safely and responsibly standing up to protect our rights and get back to work. It's not too late to get involved visit to find information in your area or put one together. It's time to REOPEN America!

Posted by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

For a list of Friday’s protests visit:

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  1. Almost all of our goods, appliances, and even American car parts, are made in other countries, primarily China. We have GOT to make and produce, grow our own needed items so we are not so dependent on other Countries. We NEED to be self sufficient!!!!

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