A small group of protesters is demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, and have been participating in a hunger strike for the past two weeks. 

“We’re so driven by the cause and the energy behind trying to find justice for Breonna,” said Ari Maybe Ibershoff, one of the four on the hunger strike. 

The hunger strikers are demanding that the Louisville Metro Police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor shooting be fired and “stripped of their badges and pensions,” according to a flyer about the strike.

Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison and John Mattingly, the officers involved in the fatal raid at Taylor’s apartment on March 13th, were placed on administrative reassignment after the shooting and will remain on reassignment until the LMPD Public Integrity Unit completes its investigation.

“In pursuit of justice for Breonna and all others who have fallen victim to the racism and corruption in our government, we will forego all caloric intake until this demand is met,” the strikers wrote in a flyer. 

They claim that they have not eaten for the past 14 days, but have had drinks and vitamin supplements. One striker said he’s lost more than 30 pounds. 

“For me, the physical sensation of depletion and the pangs of hunger, in my mind, it drives me toward the cause to figure out how this can be impactful, how we can receive any kind of recognition from the mayors office,” said hunger striker Tabin Ibershoff. 

The strikers said they also want the officers to be indicted, but realize that is part of a legal process that is out of their control. 

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