The couple who brandished firearms to protect their home after a mob tore down their gate told the Todd Starnes radio show that they had been served with a search warrant. The AR-15 in the viral footage was seized while the warrant was executed. Mark and Patricia McCloskey say that they complied with the search warrant but didn’t go into detail.

Video of the McCloskey’s defending their home against an invading mob went viral in late June. The couple had acted in self defense. That was pretty clear to anyone who watched the video. When McCloskey went on CNN and torched Chris Cuomo it looked like the end of the story.

The McCloskeys have retained counsel to defend themselves. Mark McCloskey himself is a successful trial attorney. They clearly has the resources to fight back against this injustice. Not everyone would be so lucky.

After the viral incident the McCloskey’s reported receiving death threats, hate mail, and other tactics of intimidation. The country prays for their safety.


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