Lloyd Marcus called himself the “unhyphenated American” because he didn’t want the American people to be divided into subcategories based on their race. “We are ALL Americans,” Lloyd would say into the microphone in front of adoring Tea Party crowds during his years as a speaker and performer across the country. Lloyd had a lot of applause lines. Lloyd Marcus died of a sudden heart attack on Friday and for those of us who knew and loved him it came as a gut punch.

I met Lloyd and his wife Mary in 2010 as part of the Tea Party Express bus tours. On stage, Lloyd delivered a high-energy performance singing and speaking about unity and the blessings of America. Off stage he was gentle, encouraging, and he had a terrific sense of humor. He and Mary clearly had a special bond. They took care of each other and the love was clear as day. Please keep her in your prayers.

Lloyd Marcus and Dustin Stockton during a Tea Party express bus tour in 2010

Lloyd’s Legacy “Spread Truth”

Over the years, I made a point of reading Lloyd’s work at the American Thinker because it was always valuable. One of the things I enjoyed most about Lloyd’s writing was that it reflected his deep love of America and his commitment to peace and unity. Lloyd would absolutely light up at the opportunity to share his gospel about the greatness of God and America. I smile just thinking about it.

Over the years, Lloyd performed in front of crowds all across the country and he and Mary could be found spreading truth. My last exchange with Lloyd was just a few days ago. Lloyd had emailed after I had written an article about him and the Conservative Campaign Committee campaigning in sweltering temperatures to support President Trump and other conservative candidates. When I went back and read Lloyd’s email I was drawn to his sign off:

God instructs us, “Let my people know.” Spread Truth” – Lloyd Marcus

It’s perfect because that’s exactly what Lloyd Marcus did. He courageously spread truth because he believed that it his duty. America lost one if it’s most tireless advocates when Lloyd Marcus, the unhyphenated America, died at a time that his message is more important than ever. He will be dearly missed.

Friends and Colleagues Mourn The Passing Of Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus. had an impact on many lives. His friends and colleagues remembered him fondly after hearing the news of his passing. Lloyd was loved and adored by many because he was a great American!

Many of you know I spent years traveling around the nation with the great Lloyd Marcus and his amazing wife Mary Parker….

Posted by Joe Wierzbicki on Saturday, July 25, 2020

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