Looters in Chicago attempt to justify their behavior
Looters in Chicago attempt to justify their behavior

The Ronald McDonald House in Chicago was vandalized during another looting spree early Monday morning while families and their sick children huddled inside, the charity said Tuesday.

The Ronald McDonald House provides support for sick children and their families while the child receives medical treatment at nearby Lurie Children’s Hospital.

The facility confirmed that more than 30 families and their sick children were sleeping inside when the “protesters”, who had taken over downtown, began looting stores and vandalizing properties.

The building was placed on lockdown during the commotion, CBS Chicago reported. Several windows on the front of the building were smashed, and the front door had to be boarded up. No damage was caused to the inside of the house and no one was injured.

The charity said it will remain open despite the potential dangers.

“We’re here for families at all times – whether there’s a pandemic or civil unrest, we need to make sure that we are here allowing families to get the rest they need while they have a child in the hospital seeking care, and so it’s so important that anything that might be going on outside, we maintain our care for families,” Lisa Mitchell of Ronald McDonald House told the outlet.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) called the violence that hit the city “a planned attack.

“When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and sophisticated equipment used to cut metal, and the methods that were used, and how quickly it got spun up … that wasn’t any spontaneous reaction,” Lightfoot told Time magazine.

“To be sure, there are people that did join in that were motivated by lots of different reasons, and certainly were motivated by social media posts encouraging people to come downtown,” She added. “But the core of what happened – that’s organized criminal activity … It was a planned attack.”

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