Brian Kolfage founded the largest successful GoFundMe (WeBuildTheWall) of all time but that didn’t stop the crowdfunding site from taking down the triple-amputee’s campaign to help riot victims sue Black Lives Matter. Kolfage launched “Black Lives Matter is a hate group” on Monday. GoFundMe had censored Kolfage’s campaign by Tuesday morning. 

Kolfage removed the $27 million WeBuildTheWall campaign from GoFundMe in response to the censorship. He attacked the platform for censoring his new campaign in a final update to supporters on the platform. He promised to relaunch the effort on a different platform. Fundrazr. 

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Kolfage is using his platform and fundraising prowess to help victims sue Black Lives Matter for fueling the violence that has victimized so many. Kolfage took to Instagram to say that GoFundMe stands with “censorship and domestic terrorists.” People had donated more than $5,000 in just a few hours before GoFundMe took it down.

GoFundMe Censors Kolfage Despite History of Success

Kolfage founded WeBuildTheWall and raised more than $27 million dollars to fund segments of border wall. Wall built on private land using private donations raised on GoFundMe. The project overcame savage attacks on Kolfage and a steady drumbeat of Fake News but would overcome to build several segments of wall. It didn’t come with out it’s problems with GoFundMe. 

GoFundMe required more than 300,00 to opt back in to the wall project because Kolfage had edited the campaign’s mission. “The $20 million border wall GoFundMe is being refunded,” the media declared. It wasn’t true but GoFundMe had given the media the ammo they needed for a Fake News assault. 

“No Fans Left,” Kolfage takes on pro sports for disrespecting America

The fundraising campaign is a continuation of activist campaigns by Kolfage against Black Lives Matter. A boycott organized by Kolfage called “no fans left” takes aim at professional sports for backing BLM.

“Black Lives Matter is a full political scam where 100% of donations are funneled to ACT BLUE the democrat party fundraising wing,” the no fans left website reads This allows major corporations to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democrat Party. Black Lives Matter is not a 501c3 non profit nor a legal US Corporation.”

Millions of people have already taken the no fans left pledge, Kolfage told America First Projects. 

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