The viral story about a noose found in the garage of driver Bubba Wallace has been revealed as yet another hoax. According to the FBI, footage revealed that the noose had been there since 2019 and was used as a pull for a garage door.

The FBI statement comes as Nascar has been taking significant PR moves to counter the narrative that racing culture is racist. In recent weeks they have banned the use of the Confederate flag and they had gone ALL-IN on the Bubba Wallace noose hoax.

Including this show of support for driver Bubba Wallace as the hoax was in full swing.

The hoax has led some to compare Bubba Wallace to Jussie Smollett and the two do kind of look alike.


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  1. And they let him overrun NASCAR and had all the drivers and crew walk behind his car so not the right thing to do he’s not even a good driver

  2. BUBBA THE BUFFOON needs to be BANNED FOR LIFE for his perpetrated #LIES (false accusations / HOAX)!

    How many #CNN / #MSNBCiles / etc viewers still think someone planted a Noose in Bubba’s Garage as #RACIST HATE MESSAGE cuz the #eneMEDIA will not Report the HOAX #FACTS?

    For that matter, how many Leftist morons still believe the #JussieSmollett HOAX that has been extensively debunked cuz #eneMEDIA refuses to cover Smollette’s Criminal conduct and current Trial?

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