Update: This article was updated to reflect the most current information.

Hurricane Hanna has debunked a Fake News hoax that wasn’t even a month old. Just days ago, Pro Publica launched a long story titled, “He Built a Privately Funded Border Wall. It’s Already at Risk of Falling Down if Not Fixed.” That article served as the centerpiece of a coordinated smear campaign aimed directly at Tommy Fisher and the Fisher Industries wall prototype. That prototype, if fully implemented, would return millions of acres of American land back to the American side of the border wall.

The coordinated hit was so well done that the rumors even reached President Trump but hurricane Hannah put the hoax and the wall to the test on Sunday. The wall is still standing!

TV jesters and verified Fake News pushers gleefully amplified the fantasy that the Fisher wall would fall into the Rio Grande but in the wake of Hurricane Hanna the hoax is over. WeBuildTheWall’s Amanda Shea called out late night comedian and liberal activist Stephen Colbert by name but the number of blue checks who used the now debunked article to mock and smear the private wall project are too many to list.

The implementation of the Fisher wall design that just took Hurricane Hanna’s best shot will effectively make America bigger. Millions of acres bigger because Fisher’s new wall prototype allows construction to be moved from the levies up to the banks of the Rio Grande. Those levies can be a long way from the actual border so it’s not an insignificant amount of land America will reclaim.

Hurricane Hanna just proved once again that you can’t believe what you hear from the media. Keep building that big beautiful wall patriots!

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