Facebook deletes President Trump's post.
Facebook deletes President Trump's post.

Facebook has deleted a post by President Donald Trump for supposedly violating its policy against spreading “misinformation” about the Coronavirus.

The post featured a link to a Fox News video in which President Trump says children are “virtually immune” to the virus.

Facebook said on August 5th that the “video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19 which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID-19 misinformation.”

Although the mortality rate of children is extremely low, and many children seen to be very resistant (or uneffected) to the virus, according to the CDC. President Trump’s comment, even though he said “virtually” immune, was instantly attacked from left-wing media outlets.

Then, a few hours later, Twitter temporarily blocked the Trump campaign from its account, until it removed the post that contained the video. President Trump’s account retweeted the video. Twitter claimed in a statement late Wednesday that the tweet violated its rules against “COVID misinformation”, of course, Twitter makes its own rules.

Usually, Twitter is faster than Facebook in recent months to remove conservative material and label it as “misinformation” or “abuse”, and they need to say little else to delete content.

Several studies suggest, but don’t prove, that children are less likely to become infected than adults and more likely to have only mild symptoms. but media outlets seem to be focused on the words “virtually immune”.

We encourage you to read the actual data and information provided by the CDC about this issue.

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