Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is under a lot of pressure and it shows. More than 12,500 residents of New York City have died during the Kung Flu pandemic and the Mayor was downplaying the threat well into March. Still, nothing excuses the Tweet he put out Tuesday night.

As he grapples with the guilt of being responsible for so many dead New Yorkers, the unhinged deBlasio is pretending that he can just assume the same kind of power his commie friends the Sandinistas did in Nicaragua. Unfortunately for the Mayor, this is still America and we have a Constitution. Attorney General Barr need look no further in his search for someone to prosecute for unconstitutional overreach during the current crisis. Not only is deBlasio sending a message “to the Jewish community…” he appointed his wife as “head of coronavirus racial inequality task force”.


It’s so bad for deBlasio even the Washington Post put this video out:

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  1. You people voted him in not once, but twice. You guys are right up there with CA when comes to being stupid..Geese!

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