Just hours after the FBI released damning photo and video evidence contradicting the story of somebody leaving a noose to intimidate Nascar driver Bubba Wallace, he doubled down on his story with the man the President calls “the dumbest man on television,” CNN’s Don Lemon.

The previous story we ran after the FBI released the findings of an expensive investigation went so viral that it crashed this website and forced us to upgrade hosting capacity.

According to the FBI, footage revealed that the noose had been there since 2019 and was used as a pull for a garage door.

Posted by Trump 2020 on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Don Lemon and CNN allowed him to contradict the FBI report nearly unchallenged. In the clip Bubba Watson insists that “it WAS a noose” and that he can provide proof that the noose wasn’t the garage door pull as the FBI concluded.

Here’s a clip, what do you think:

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