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Bernell Trammell

Bernell Trammell: Black Trump Supporter Killed in Milwaukee

Bernell Trammell was quite well known in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. Trammell, who was 60, ran eXpressions Journal for many years out of a storefront...
Sam Coonrod was the only player standing.

One Man Standing: Giants’ pitcher Sam Coonrod refuses to kneel.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Sam Coonrod was the only player to remain standing during a "moment of unity" honoring the Black Lives Matter movement before the season opener...
Coach Kucera (via Twitter)

Michigan HS teacher reports being fired after tweeting in support of President Trump

Justin Kucera, an AP world history teacher & baseball coach at Walled Lake Western High School, said he was given a choice to be fired or resign...

National Association of Police Organizations ditches Biden, and endorses Trump.

The National Association of Police Officers, a lobbying group that says it represents more than 241,000 officers nationwide, endorsed President Trump for a second term this week. This comes...

WATCH: President Trump Gives Free Lesson In The ‘Art Of The Deal’ At Tulsa...

President Trump explained how he has negotiated and renegotiated deals on behalf of the American people during his speech in Tulsa on Saturday.
Lisa Bender

Minneapolis City Council President: I Am Willing To Stand For a ‘Police-Free Future’

City Counci President Bender said during a separate interview on CNN that people who have their homes broken into by criminals are "privileged".
Al Sharpton speaking at the George Floyd Memorial

Al Sharpton calls for a “movement to change the whole system of justice.”

Actors, musicians, and politicians gathered before the cameras in front of George Floyd's golden casket at a memorial in Minneapolis on Thursday. George Floyd's death has sparked...
Looters destroying a pharmacy in Baltimore.

President Trump Considers Military Force Against Looters & Rioters

Cities across the America have experienced several days of violent protests and riots in response to the death of George Floyd. In city after city, police and...
Vandalism at the Lincoln Memorial.

Vandals Target Historical Monuments as Protests Sweep the Nation

As protesters and rioters usher the nation into destruction and chaos following the death of George Floyd, numerous iconic and historical monuments have been vandalized all across...

Stimulus Checks by Prepaid Debit Card

With a majority of stimulus checks being distributed already, according to the Department of Treasury, around four million Americans will now receive their stimulus money by prepaid...

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Massive explosion in Beirut kills more than 100 people, injures thousands.

An enormous explosion occurred in Beirut on Tuesday, devastating buildings and large areas across the capital, resulting in a giant mushroom cloud...

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A small group of protesters is demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, and have been participating in a hunger strike for the past...

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