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California Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Stay-At-Home Order

The California sheriff who said it's "time to get back opening up" won't arrest people for violating stay-at-home orders. "You just can't arrest somebody...

Historic Message Mysteriously Appears Spelled Out In Rocks Along Desolate Stretch Of Highway 50

People driving a desolate stretch of Highway 50 in Nevada are reporting that the complete preamble to the Constitution of the United States has been written out in rocks between Grimes point and Sand Mountain.
Jennie Stejna is treated to a cold Bud Light to celebrate her recovery from coronavirus.

103-year-old Massachusetts Woman Beats COVID-19, Celebrates with a Beer.

Shelley Gunn describes her Polish grandmother, Jennie Stejna, as having a feisty spirit. Stejna certainly displayed that spirit as the 103-year-old woman recently battled and survived a fight with...
The statue of Confederate General Williams Carter Wickham after protesters pulled it down Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Protesters Pull Down Confederate Statue in Richmond, VA.

Protesters used ropes to pull down a statue honoring Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham, which has stood in the park since 1891.

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy dies from Coronavirus at age 75

Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy, the duo whose extraordinary magic tricks astonished millions until Horn was critically injured in 2003 by one of the act’s famed...
Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon fired by ViacomCBS for ‘hateful speech’, calling White and Jewish people ‘savages’

Nick Cannon has been fired by media giant ViacomCBS for his “hateful speech and antisemitism” following a podcast in which he called White and Jewish people “savages”.
A History of Global Pandemics

The History of Global Pandemics

As mankind has spread across the globe, so have infectious diseases. Today, outbreaks are nearly constant, although not every outbreak reaches pandemic level as COVID-19 has.

Squirrel in Colorado tests positive for bubonic plague.

A squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague, also known as the “Black Death,” according to local health authorities.  The squirrel...

Mysterious seed packets from China sent to dozens of people in multiple states.

Strange packages have been sent to people in multiple states, seemingly random, unidentified seeds from China. In some cases, the packages were labeled as containing jewelry or...

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Large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

Massive explosion in Beirut kills more than 100 people, injures thousands.

An enormous explosion occurred in Beirut on Tuesday, devastating buildings and large areas across the capital, resulting in a giant mushroom cloud...

Protesters on hunger strike for the past 2 weeks demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

A small group of protesters is demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, and have been participating in a hunger strike for the past...

Fake News Caught Red Handed By Hurricane Hanna

Update: This article was updated to reflect the most current information. Hurricane Hanna has debunked a Fake News...