Jonathan Lopez, a failed political candidate in Oregon, is the latest scammer to get caught in the growing epidemic of hoax hate crimes. After filing a police report about finding a racist and threatening letter, Lopez has now admitted to police that he wrote the letter. Police have also accused Lopez of falsely claiming to have served in the United States Coast Guard in an official voter guide.

The story of Lopez’s hoax was first reported by the East Oregonian who quoted Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston debunking the hoax, “Our investigation has shown that Mr. Lopez wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media. The end result is a verbal and written admission by Mr. Lopez that the letter was fabricated.”


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Lopez joins race hoax luminaries like Nascar’s Bubba Wallace and the TV Show Empire’s Jussie Smollett in what is a growing epidemic of attention-seekers faking hate crimes for attention. You can read about the FBI debunking Bubba Wallace’s hoax in this previous report on PM Nightly News.

Unlike Lopez, Bubba Wallace hasn’t admitted to his hoax even in the face of the FBI’s conclusions. His refusal to apologize even earned him a rebuke from the President of the United State according to this report from America First Projects.

Lopez could face Stolen Valor charges if it’s proven that he lied about his service in the Coast Guard. The East Oregonian gave Lopez an opportunity to clear the record which he declined, “Lopez has not provided documentation to the East Oregonian to confirm his claim of Coast Guard service when asked.”

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  1. If he falsely reported a hate crime and admitted he perpetrated the hoax, that should be a crime — in fact, that should be listed as a hate crime itself and he should go to jail.


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