Liberals hashtagging #TheIdesOfTrump plan March 15th “postcard attack” on President Trump

Liberals hashtagging #TheIdesOfTrump plan March 15th “postcard attack” on President Trump


Liberals have chosen March 15th, the day on the Roman calendar notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar, to attack President Trump,….with postcards.

The day is meant to suggest that “bad things” could happen to President Trump by the hands of his enemies. They are rallying behind this cause hashtagging #TheIdesOfTrump

#TheIdesOfTrumpThis symbolic and threatening date has been chosen to hallmark another unprecedented display of heroism by the left in their battle against Trump! A day when Democrats that are still unhappy about President Trump’s victory can come together (again) and say, “Hey! Can I have 5 bucks to mail a postcard to the White House?”. History is sure to remember those who participate.

Here is the graphic/email spreading around social media calling leftists to arms:


Is the administration concerned? That question was answered with a laugh..

But, liberals are encouraged to send as many letters and postcards as they can buy! Purchasing envelopes, paper, and postage all contribute to the economy. From the factory that produces the paper to the company hired to shred them, it creates jobs!

Nobody will read them, and nobody will care,…but it’s good for the economy.