Remember when Obama banned refugees from Iraq in 2011?

Remember when Obama banned refugees from Iraq in 2011?


An investigative report from 2013 published by ABC News found that Obama and the Clinton State Department stopped processing Islamic refugee requests from Iraq, a move not widely publicized by the media at the time.

Obama’s refugee ban lasted for 6 months, which is twice the duration of President Trump’s 90-day order.

Oddly enough, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama were okay with a temporary ban on Muslims. There were no protests and no outrage.

Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohammed Shareef Hammadi
(Waad Ramadan Alwan & Mohammed Shareef Hammadi)

The Obama administration implemented the ban after it was discovered that two Iraqi men, Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohammed Shareef Hammadi, who had claimed persecution, revealed to undercover officials their plans to use  “a bomb to assassinate an Army captain they’d known in Bayji, who was now back home – and to possibly attack other homeland targets.

Both Alwan and Hammadi were let into the United States as refugees and had settled into Bowling Green, Kentucky. The FBI discovered them in 2009 after matching their fingerprints from explosive devices (IED’s) that were used in Iraq against American soldiers. Unfortunately, two American soldiers died from explosives created by these men, and it took that undeniable connection for Obama to enact a temporary ban.