Bikers to Protestors: “You’re not getting past us. Period.”

Bikers to Protestors: “You’re not getting past us. Period.”

Bikers for Trump
(Bikers for Trump arrive in D.C.)

Outside our nation’s capital this morning, dawn broke to the roar of thousands of motorcycles as bikers poured in to defend the public from Anti-Trump protestors. Original estimates expected between 5000-6000 bikers, but as different groups began to report in, it became clear those figures were wrong. More than 6000 have already arrived..

Bikers for Trump, a group that has over 200,000 members and supporters, will have little problem accommodating these increased numbers because so many people have reached out to help. People like Woody, who owns Metro Motors/Capital Hill Exxon, offering to provide gas, repairs, and parking (as motorcycles wont be allowed in the city until after the Inauguration).

The mission is simple – to protect the public and first responders from anti-Trump protestors on Inauguration Day.

Mark Connors, a country singer who rode his Harley all the way from San Diego, says Bikers for Trump riders will not seek confrontations, but he is “absolutely” prepared for physical conflicts. “Bikers for Trump is here to protect the citizens”

“We have made the decision that when those people come, we are going to stand face-to-face with them, eye-to-eye, toe-to-toe, shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers,” Connors said.

“They’re not getting past us.” promised Connors.

“I’m here to join Bikers for Trump,” said Bill McCann, who rode his motorcycle to the nation’s capital from Fort Worth, Texas. “Ever since Mr. Trump announced his candidacy, I’ve supported him 100 percent.”

Bikers For Trump has a track record of peaceful protest. The group attracted many members to Trump rallies and the Republican National Convention without significant incidents with protestors.

“We don’t want to intimidate anyone,” said organizer Chris Cox on Thursday. Cox said he expected the group to have more of a “calming influence”.

Even so, riders have promised to create “a wall of meat”, between protest groups and Inaugural events.

Anti-Trump protestors organizing on social media under the hashtag #DisruptJ20 have announced plans to attempt to block public access to the Inauguration ceremony on the Mall. Anti-Trump groups are making McPherson Square the epicenter of their activities Friday.