Women angry about Trump to march on D.C., pro-life women not welcome.

Women angry about Trump to march on D.C., pro-life women not welcome.

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Over 207,000 women (and a few men) who didn’t vote for Donald Trump have RSVP’d to attend Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington in D.C., the day after Donald Trump is inaugurated as President of the United States.

“I’m honestly scared that Donald Trump is going to take away my right to vote! And it’s like, you know, this is just the beginning! He’s a Gemini, and Gemini’s are all about power and control!”, said facebook fanatic Rhonda G., who will be attending the rally.

In statement of “Unity Principles”, the march demanded the continued right to abortion, and professed to “stand in solidarity with sex workers’ rights movements”. Tuesday, this line has since been removed from the Women’s March platform. In its place, the platform now promises to stand in solidarity “with all those exploited for sex and labor”.

Update: Late Tuesday afternoon, the Women’s March updated its position on sex-worker rights once again. (See screenshots of all three versions here.) The latest version of principles on the Women’s March website states:

Women’s March organizers did not provide a reason for the change, and did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday, and did not respond to the multiple people tweeting @WomensMarch for clarification.

Originally, all women (and women’s groups) had been invited to the march, promising to be “one of the most intersectional marches in U.S. history”, but shortly after released a statement that ‘New Wave Feminists’ (a pro-life group) were no longer welcome. As a matter of fact, no women who are pro-life are welcome (which is more than 40% of American women).

In response, the Susan B. Anthony Museum & Foundation refused to attend. They made it clear that Susan B. Anthony, America’s Icon of women’s rights, would not attend,…nor would they.

“Those of us at the Susan B Anthony Birthplace Museum in Adams, Mass., are saddened that the museum honoring this American iconic heroine and tireless worker for women’s rights will not be among the organizations marching in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. Some would, perhaps, think that Anthony family descendants and board members of the great suffragist birthplace would be leading the Women’s March, especially as the centennial marking the Susan B. Anthony Amendment for women’s suffrage has begun in some states. But they would be wrong: Anthony would never have joined a march in favor of abortion access.”

“Even before they ‘un-invited’ us, I had decided not to go. This isn’t about women’s rights, this is about Donald Trump.”, said Anne Beecher, a pro-life activist who had previously confirmed to attend.