New Attorney General confirms he will prosecute Hillary Clinton

New Attorney General confirms he will prosecute Hillary Clinton

Attorney General
(Jeff Sessions tapped by President Trump as Attorney General)

In order to calm hysterical Democrats, President Trump has bee downplaying the issue of prosecuting Hillary Clinton. “We need to bring everybody into the fold”, he said.

The truth is, Trump wont be prosecuting Hillary Clinton because that’s not his job as POTUS, however, he’s already hired the man that will! Jeff Sessions, the new Attorney General, is passionate about the issue.

Now, a federal appeals court has ruled that John Kerry should have referred Clinton to the Attorney General, because – by deleting her e-mails – she had possibly concealed or even destroyed evidence and official government records.

When Judicial Watch sued for copies of the messages, Kerry asked Hillary if she would voluntarily turn over everything dealing with State Department business. She refused. Instead, she withheld and deleted tens of thousands of pages of e-mails that her lawyers said were “personal.”

She turned over her personal server, but only after wiping it with BleachBit to make sure the deleted e-mails were permanently unrecoverable.

That alone should have triggered serious consequences, but the issue was covered up by the current administration.

Under the Federal Records Act, Kerry should have asked the Attorney General to take action against her….but he didn’t.

An Obama-appointed judge, James Boasberg, ruled that Kerry hadn’t committed a “dereliction of duty,” as long as he had not done “nothing” to try to get the e-mails. Asking her politely was plenty, he ruled.

But now, a federal appeals court ruled that the law requires more…much more.

On December 27th, a three-judge panel ruled that John Kerry can’t just “ignore” his “duty” to refer Hillary to the Attorney General.

Hillary has never bothered to turn over a single e-mail from the Blackberry she used for the first three months she was Secretary of State, before she had the e-mail server rigged up in the Clintons’ New York mansion.

The State Department is also hiding 30 of the e-mails Hillary turned over, saying they involve “government misconduct.” Judicial Watch wants those e-mails opened to the public.

Once Donald Trump takes office, Attorney General Jeff Sessions will tell Hillary’s lawyers to turn over all her the hidden e-mails that Hillary has “illicitly taken, arguably stolen.” Tom Fitton told the Wall Street Journal. If she refuses, she will be held without bail until she complies.

This may be the real reason why Democrats are fighting so hard against confirming Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Sessions’ confirmation hearings could begin immediately after Trump’s inauguration – and Senate liberals have already revealed they plan to smear and slander him to the greatest extent they can.

They’ve already revved up allegations that the Alabama Republican is a deplorable racist. (Who isn’t, as far as they’re concerned?) Sen. Elizabeth Warren demanded that President-elect Trump “reverse his apparent decision to nominate Senator Sessions to be Attorney General of the United States.” Otherwise, he is guilty of “embracing the bigotry that fueled his campaign rallies.”

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter warning its chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, that they intend to make the hearings a circusby calling witnesses who will smear Sessions and turn him into a toxic figure, like Robert Bork.

That’s because Sessions has “a long record of doing his job,” Congressman Darrell Issa has said. “If he’s appointed, he’ll prosecute Hillary to the full extent of the law.”