Bernie Sanders Calls for An Apology From Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Calls for An Apology From Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders
(Bernie Sanders trying to remain relevant)

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Thursday called on Donald Trump to apologize for the things he said on the campaign trail, but said he was open to working with the president elect on issues like trade where the two populist insurgents had similar agendas.

“He has an extraordinary opportunity,” Mr. Sanders said, urging Mr. Trump to say, “Look, I said terrible things. I apologize. I am not going to be a president leading a racist or a sexist or a homophobic or an Islamophobic administration.”

He said his office in Vermont had been swamped with phone calls from liberals demanding that Mr. Trump rescind his decision put Stephen Bannon in a senior post at the White House.

However, Mr. Sanders said he would be willing to work with Mr. Trump if he was “sincere” about the populist economic proposals he campaigned on, including opposition to trade agreements that hurt American workers and cracking down on companies that move jobs and profits overseas.

“I look forward to working with him,” said Mr. Sanders, even though realistically he has nothing to offer the new administration but rhetoric and poor financial advice.