Hillary Clinton Too Drunk To Give Concession Speech?

Hillary Clinton Too Drunk To Give Concession Speech?

Hillary Clinton
(Bottoms up!)

A source within the Clinton camp reports that Hillary had her concession speech prepared, but when the time came she was “unable” to read it out loud.

The devastated Democratic candidate remained locked in her New York hotel room “drinking a bit heavily” as she watched her dreams of the White House slip away. By the time she needed to speak publicly, she was “visibly impaired”.

While Hillary was hitting the sauce, Donald Trump was celebrating his triumph on stage at another hotel just two miles across Manhattan.

The party had gone flat several hours earlier at New York’s Javits Centre, where, if the pollsters were to be believed, Mrs Clinton was a sure fire bet to celebrate a runaway victory.

Shortly after Mr Trump’s tally passed the 270 electoral votes required for victory, she dispatched campaign manager John Podesta to the Javits Centre to inform her supporters that she would not be making any speeches until the morning, but not to give up hope.

‘It’s been a long night and it’s been a long campaign, but we can wait a little longer,’ he said. ‘They are still counting votes and every state should count so we’re not going to have anything else to say tonight. We will have more to say tomorrow.

Hillary managed a call to Mr Trump at 2.30 am to admit defeat.

Mr Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, had claimed angrily that Mrs Clinton was neglecting her duty by not publicly congratulating the victor.

‘She owes it to the American people to make a speech,’ he insisted. ‘We have 99.9 per cent of these votes counted. We are waiting for a small fraction still to be counted. This is not bringing the country together, this is absurd.

‘If this was Donald Trump doing this, the hypocrisy would be so outrageous. She should come out and say, support Donald Trump.’