This weekend, your bartender could be Bill Murray

This weekend, your bartender could be Bill Murray

Bill Murray
(Bill Murray tending bar)

Comedy legend Bill Murray, the man essentially does whatever he wants, will be tending bar this weekend. He’s been known to crash karaoke parties, birthday gatherings, and even once stepped behind a bar during SXSW and served everyone shots of tequila.

Usually, these acts of Murrayness are unpredictable, but this weekend, he’s made it clear where he’ll be.

Murray will be bartending at his son Homer’s new bar “21 Greenpoint“. The younger Murray opened the spot with his partner Syd Silver to replace their previous endeavor, the restaurant River Styx. Beginning at 7:00pm on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th, the star of Lost in Translation, Stripes, and pretty much every Wes Anderson movie will be behind the bar serving up cocktails, or if the mood strikes him, tequila shots.

If you order a drink, it’s really a toss-up what you’ll get, but people are lining us this weekend to have him mess up their order.

A manager at the bar told the New York Daily News that the phone had been ‘ringing off the hook’.

“He’ll probably make whatever he wants,” he said.

“Fans are calling from five hours away saying they want to see him. We’re not turning people away.

“People who have been invited are definitely getting in, and then we’ll do our best to accommodate any fans.”