New York Times Editorial: “The LGBT Community Should Arm Itself!”

New York Times Editorial: “The LGBT Community Should Arm Itself!”

LGBT Gun Owners
(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

When Nicki Stallard began her journey from a male to a female, she got a “preposterous” piece of safety advice that left her feeling insulted: Carry a whistle. “I didn’t need a whistle; I had a gun,” she writes in her New York Times opinion piece, which advises other members of the LGBT community to similarly arm themselves, especially in the aftermath of the recent mass shooting in Orlando.

“If anyone should be concerned about protecting the individual right to bear arms, it’s LGBT people,” she writes, dismissing political calls for further gun control laws and noting that members of the LGBT community are the target of “frenzied” attacks, often from more than one attacker, that can lead to death.

Stallard notes that the number of people in Pink Pistols (her pro-gun LGBT Facebook group) jumped from 1,500 to 6,500-plus after Orlando, and that LGBT members have been arming themselves ever since. Although she agrees that “violence is rarely the answer,” she’s ready to use her gun if need be, as she doesn’t think any laws (or law enforcement) can necessarily save gay or transgender people during an attack. “This is a call to LGBT people to take their own defense seriously, and to question the political institutions that tell them guns are bad, and should be left to the professionals,”. “Become a professional. … That’s what the Second Amendment is for. We can fight back when our lives depend on it.”.

It sends a a loud message to those with violent intentions, “We are not going to be victimized any more. It’s over.”