Elizabeth Warren Continues Her Personal Attacks Against Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren Continues Her Personal Attacks Against Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren
(Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren continued her personal attacks against Donald Trump on Saturday afternoon with an extended rant in front of the New Hampshire Democratic State Convention, calling the presumptive GOP nominee, “a thin-skinned, racist, sexist bully.”

“Every day we learn more about him, and every day it becomes clearer that he is just a small, insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care about anyone or anything that doesn’t have the Trump name splashed all over it. Every day it becomes clearer that he is a thin-skinned, racist, sexist bully,” the left-wing Senator said. “Every day it becomes clearer that he will never be president of the United States.”

Warren officially endorsed Clinton just over a week ago, saying she is “ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton.” Saturday’s remarks were her first since that endorsement after a week that included a private meeting with Clinton at her residence in Washington, D.C., and a visit for Warren to Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.

Warren seems to have embraced her role as Hillary’s attack dog.

“Poor little Donald is shaking in his high-priced Italian loafers, begging the court to protect him, terrified about what happens if those videos go public and he is held accountable,” Warren said.

Warren then barked, “Are you scared, Donald? You should be!” before outlining the same old tired rhetoric that Clinton has been using since the beginning of her campaign.

Although most of her speech was focused on Trump, Warren pledged her commitment to getting Clinton to the White House, calling her “a fighter” and commending the former secretary of state for taking on the “army of right-wing lunatics”.

“She’s been on the receiving end of one right-wing attack after another for 25 years, but she doesn’t give up and go home. She keeps at it, fighting for Democratic values and fighting to take down an army of right-wing lunatics who will say and do anything to undermine reform in this country.”

Those few in the DNC crowd who attempted to ask questions about Hillary’s scandalous track record were quickly dismissed.