How Roberta Lange Stole Nevada from Bernie Sanders

How Roberta Lange Stole Nevada from Bernie Sanders


At the Nevada Democratic Convention on Saturday, Clinton and her DNC operatives hijacked the convention to steal the State from Bernie Sanders. Mainstream media outlets immediately started accusing Sanders delegates of being violent and unruly. Stories were being published immediately,…almost as if they had been pre-written before the event.

 Mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the Associated Press described it as chaos, suggesting that Sanders delegates were to blame…but that was a lie. No arrests were made, nobody was detained,and the single report of a small scuffle became “violence and unrest”.

What really happened at the convention was the result of a back-room deal to steal Nevada from Bernie Sanders when party leaders realized he had won the State. To do this, the Nevada State Democratic Party made last-minute changes to the convention rules, giving convention chair Roberta Lange complete control over the proceedings….and she used that control for her friend Hillary.

She disqualified 64 delegates who had voted for Sanders, awarded the win to Clinton, and refused any further discussion. Then, she called in local police to shut down the convention. It was over.

It was at this point, when the scam became obvious, that Bernie supporters started to become upset (and rightfully so). They chanted for justice and accountability as police cleared the room.

Sandra Weick (a delegate at the convention) denied accusations of violence or widespread poor behavior by Sanders delegates. She acknowledged a minor scuffle did occur, but no major fights broke out.

“The police would have had a field day if there really was a fight … There was a great deal of police presence at the time, and no one got carted out over it.”

She confirmed the various reports by other people in attendance about Robert Lange and her power plays at the convention.

“We were made to feel totally worthless … the police showed up for no reason; there was no threat to anyone or anything. We were vocal, but not violent.”

Weick was not disqualified as a delegate, but she did say she was removed from the list of candidates to the national convention. She said she had received email confirmations confirming her name was on the list of candidates to the convention in July, but when she showed up, she was told her name was no longer on the list of potential national delegates.