Ghost Ship Drifts Ashore In Liberia

Ghost Ship Drifts Ashore In Liberia

(Photo courtesy of S. Mohammed M. Sambolah)

A Panamanian oil tanker ship, the last official location of which was reported as being off the coast of Senegal on April 21st, drifted ashore on a beach in Liberia last week without a captain or crew on board in a mystery that has authorities stumped.

The Tamaya 1, which was last heard from heading for the port of Dakar, Senegal, washed ashore on a beach near Robertsport, Liberia where locals discovered abandoned vessel on May 3rd.

Preston Veteran Gayflor of Farbric Radio reported that Kru fishermen had seen the oil tanker being controlled by strong winds and rough seas. Farbric Radio also said the beached vessel had already been vandalized, no doubt because local authorities were lax in taking control of the ship.

In fact, it took state security two days before learning about the presence of the abandoned ship.

“Which raises the question: how could the security officers not know what was unfolding?” a Robertsport resident asked the Daily Observer. “That it took over two days before they knew about the ship’s presence is troubling.”

Another resident said, “What about the Coast Guard officers whose duty is to know about ships that enter Liberian territorial waters? This is all the more worrisome for some of us—that our security apparatus should be ready at all times and not be sleeping after something huge has happened.”

The Captain, the crew, and the events that left ship adrift at sea remain a mystery.