Bernie Sanders Cuts Staff, Slows Campaign Schedule

Bernie Sanders Cuts Staff, Slows Campaign Schedule

Bernie Sanders
(Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

Bernie Sanders has vowed to take his campaign to the Democratic convention, but he’s also signaled that his effort is now more of a movement than a campaign. He’s slashed his staff, slowed down the pace of campaigning, and started to promote Clinton to his supporters as the best alternative.

“While we have many disagreements with Secretary Clinton, there is one area where we agree and that is we must defeat Donald Trump.” Sanders said at a rally in Salem, Oregon Tuesday evening.

As Hillary Clinton stands poised to clinch her party’s nomination and face off against Donald Trump, even Democrats supporting her say Sanders has permanently changed the political landscape. He’s introduced new ideas that have become fixtures in Democratic debates – like his signature proposal for free college, or the expectations of the party’s liberal base. He frequently reminds his followers that it began as an unlikely campaign that the media and the political class outright dismissed, but it’s turned into a revolution.

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who endorsed Clinton but has also publicly praised Sanders’ role in the Democratic primary, said that Sanders will have the “rare opportunity” to remain a powerful voice during Clinton’s general election fight and beyond 2016.

However, Sanders said Friday that he still plans to talk about Clinton.

“I will continue to run an issue-oriented campaign,” Sanders said. “Will I be taking on Donald Trump? Absolutely. Will I be discussing the differences of opinion Secretary Clinton and I have? Yes I will.”

In the end, Hillary will have to convince Sanders supporters that she is worth voting for in November. “Whether you support Senator Sanders or you support me, there’s much more that unites us than divides us,” Clinton said at a rally last week , doing her best to appeal to Bernie’s supporters.

But there are many like Regina McGraw, a 60 year old Democrat from Morgantown, her support for Sanders has as much to do with her outright rejection of Clinton. Attending the rally with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchild, McGraw described Clinton as “phony” who has “no idea what it’s like to be middle class.”

“I think Bernie probably knows the price of milk and I’ll bet she has no clue,” McGraw said.