Wall Street Analyst Exposes Clinton Foundation as a “Massive Fraud”

Wall Street Analyst Exposes Clinton Foundation as a “Massive Fraud”

Clinton Foundation Fraud

A Wall Street analyst has discovered a scheme of financial irregularities, and it’s bad news for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Financial advisor Charles Ortel has taken on the Clinton Foundation and says that based on the records he’s found, the organization has been operating in a “boldly illegal” fashion, calling it “charity fraud.”

To avoid sources being identified, donations to the Clinton Foundation are primarily funneled through Canadian corporations, and then finally to the Clinton Foundation.

“When you understand relevant accounting rules and laws, you will reach a simple conclusion: the Clinton Foundation (including all of its various corporate subsidiaries and “initiatives”) has been operating boldly and illegally out of control, in plain view of the general public and government authorities…”

Ortel has spent the past 15 months looking at public records, donor disclosures, and tax filings for all of the Foundation’s projects, including the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Ortel plans to release the reports on what he found on his website, and he claims those reports will prove that the Clinton Foundation has never had to comply with legal requirements to verify their financial claims with independent accountants. Because of this, there is no way to trace billions of dollars sent to the Clinton foundation since 2000 because of the noncompliance with state laws regarding fundraising registration, disclosure requirements, and auditing rules.

“There are massive discrepancies between what some of the major donors say they gave to the Clinton Foundation”

Ortel wasn’t the only one finding discrepancies, and the Clinton Foundation was forced to issue corrected tax filings because of donation documentation errors over a period of several years. Unfortunately, Ortel says that despite filing “corrected” taxes, many of the discrepancies still remain, and the scheme continues.

“I’m against charity fraud. I think people in both parties are against charity fraud, and this is a charity fraud.”